Data Integration

The Cloud Just Simplified Your Business Processes

The adoption of cloud computing is often seen as a way to consume IT as a utility, just as a company purchases electricity or raw commodities. Many organizations also see cloud as a way to accelerate the deployment of new capabilities that will make them more competitive in their markets. While these are powerful reasons […]

Data Analytics and Disposable Code in Financial Services

We discuss data analytics in the financial services industry and why the difference between perceived risk and actual risk is causing a lack of understanding about where data security is most appropriate. We also look at the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process that exists in traditional data warehouse today and argue why instead the ELT […]

Transitioning to a Data Driven Organization

The payoff for a data driven organization is clear; More effective decision making, better response to customer needs and the ability to stay ahead of competitors with innovative ideas and methods. Data driven organizations can execute more quickly, better understand the impact of decisions, and ensure that all elements of the organization have an opportunity […]

Diversifying Data Storage Locations for Large Enterprises

We discuss the different capabilities of Commvault, from cloud data management to cloud automation, Ransomare protection, and beyond. Essentially, Commvault makes data less costly to move to the cloud. Commvault differentiates themselves from competitors based on their scaleability, indexing, deep metadata search, deep content search and high security capabilities. Ultimately, large enterprises want to diversify […]

Advanced Data Analytics, Ensuring Business as Usual

89% of business leaders believe Big Data will revolutionize business operations. That’s a fairly telling statistic. The trouble with new tools that allow you to do things you couldn’t do before, like recommending specific financial services to online buyers, or mining customer mortgage data to recommend better products for home owners, is that they don’t […]

Microservices are Proof that Service-Oriented Architecture is Alive

We discuss the 2017 trends in cloud computing, DevOps, IoT and Machine Learning. Enterprises want to keep up with the latest trends, but sometimes the industry moves too quickly for them to keep up with. Many organizations still worry about moving from one system to another because it’s not core to their businesses yet. However, these enterprises […]