State of the Hybrid Enterprise: What’s Next for Dev and Ops?

Just 10 years ago, IT’s main concerns were to keep the systems in the data center running, and deal with the two-year backlog of applications that needed to be built. Today, those concerns are pretty much the same. But IT now has an opportunity to leverage public and private clouds, which will help it approach […]

Pioneering Cloud in the Financial Services Industry

Natixis Global Asset Management ($874.5 billion AUM 1) is a multi-affiliate organization that offers a single point of access to more than 20 specialized investment firms in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The firm ranks among the world’s largest asset managers. Through its Durable Portfolio Construction philosophy, the company is dedicated to providing innovative ideas […]

Unlock the Cloud’s Full Value: Make DevOps Mandatory

Most people who are good with cloud technology are also good with DevOps. That’s not an accident: It’s impossible to get the full value out of cloud computing unless it’s done in the context of automated DevOps. Why is automated DevOps so important? It’s a competitive advantage that creates faster time to market. Organizations that […]

What Does Microsoft Look Like Without Windows?

We discuss transition from Red Hat being known for Linux to their current status as leaders in the cloud computing industry. We are emerging into a space now where efficiency is the objective. Reinventing technology is not as crucial as building highly elastic, highly scalable cloud environments to bring companies forward. We look at the […]

Data Science and Asking the Right Questions

We discuss careers in cloud computing, emphasizing the importance of quality Data Scientists and Product Managers. There is currently a lack of Data Science talent, and the road to more is through training both at the university level and by current employers. It is hard to cultivate a data mindset, because it requires a level […]

Devops and Cloud: Great Together, Great Apart

Devops strongly benefits many enterprises by encouraging more continuous development and deployment by bringing some operations capabilities to in-house programmers. The business case for continuous everything is easy to make, although these benefits vary from organization to organization. It’s easy to attribute the rise of devops directly to the rise of cloud computing. After all, […]