Security and DevOps: Aligning for Success in 3 Steps

Organizations carrying out digital transformation initiatives put significant emphasis on speed and efficiency – and with good reason. They want to get things done fast: create prototypes in days, deliver new versions in weeks and conduct revisions constantly, quickly, with the push of a button. They also want everything done correctly: completing and documenting all […]

Building a Rockstar Team is a Challenge By Any Standard

I completely understand that this is an extremely subjective matter and to quote Paul Simon: “one man’s ceiling is another man’s floor”. What’s a rockstar anyway? Building a high performance team dedicated to doing genome sequence research is most likely quite different than putting together eleven soccer players to win the World Cup or a […]

The Need for Speed, and Education, in a Container World

We discuss the increased adoption of DevOps and containers across the enterprise. Many large organizations, especially those in the Financial Services industry, have already surpassed the experimentation and POC development phase and are now moving towards production environments with the technology. We look at how companies are helping their employees cross the learning chasm with […]

Go Big on DevOps: Transforming the Enterprise Beyond Automation

One of the biggest value propositions of the cloud is agility. Enterprises are leveraging the public cloud to accelerate delivery of new services and features at speeds not seen before. But in order to achieve agility, enterprises need to do more than just learn how to leverage cloud services. They also need to assess their […]

The Four Stages of DevOps Maturity

I attended my first DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES17) in San Francisco this week and watched speakers from large enterprises like Capital One, Disney, Nike, CSG, and more share the lessons learned from their multiyear DevOps transformations. Most of these companies have been working on their transformations from three to five or more years, and have […]