Containers Demand New Data Center Designs: 5 Steps to Survive

Datadog reports massive adoption of Docker. Its study tracked 10,000 companies and their use of Docker and found that two-thirds of companies that try Docker end up adopting it. Additionally, those companies quintuple their usage after nine months. The report makes it clear: Things in the data center need to change. For example, what will […]

RightScale’s 2017 State of the Cloud

We discuss RightScale’s State of the Cloud report analyzing trends in the cloud. RightScale helps customers adopt cloud by helping them with a cloud management and optimization. This is the sixth year of the report so we can start to see trends over time now and there were a few interesting takeaways this year. In the […]

Container Best Practices and Creative Ways to Use Them

We discuss Juniper Networks and their acquisition of Contrail, Oracle’s vendor lock-in and new pricing changes, and why Kubernetes has pulled ahead of Docker in the container world. Juniper Networks is expanding their cloud capability with two recent acquisitions: Contrail and AppFormix, a software-defined networking play and a cloud monitoring software.  For Randy, containers are […]

Moving to Autonomous and Self-Migrating Containers for Cloud Applications

Once you’ve ported an application to a cloud-based platform, including Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, and Microsoft, it’s tough, risky, and expensive to move that application from one cloud to another. This isn’t by design. The market moved so quickly that public and private cloud providers couldn’t build portability into their platform and still […]

Container Interoperability: Do Standards Really Matter?

“We didn’t standardize our tech, just a very narrow piece where it made sense.” After Docker founder and CEO Solomon Hykes made the statement above, the community of IT professionals who currently use containers may have experienced a growing sense of unease. Given Hykes’ sentiment, one might wonder, if you leverage current container standards, what […]

Are Docker Containers Smarter than VMware with AWS?

We discuss the transformation from container-based environments to orchestration-based environments. Docker’s entry into the cloud provided a lot of free options for companies, but many companies don’t know how to leverage these open-source ecosystems. Docker and other container-management systems allow us an alternative to virtualization, and it seems safer for enterprises to leapfrog VMware or VMware on […]