Stick a Fork in the Docker Fork Discussion

There has been a lot of discussion recently about whether forking Docker makes sense. Driving this discussion are complaints from the Docker community and ecosystem about the speed at which Docker is releasing software and the perceived quality of those releases. Unless you have been hiding under a rock lately, you know that Docker is […]

What I Learned at DockerCon 2016

I just returned from two days in Seattle at DockerCon 2016. What I learned at DockerCon this year can be summed up in four categories: Container adoption is on the rise Docker is winning by making containers simpler Docker is forging a path to win enterprise workloads The battle for orchestration just became more interesting […]

The Container Orchestration Battle is Heating Up

If you’ve paid attention to the Docker blog over the past week, you may have noticed both the release of Docker Datacenter and Docker Cloud. The former brings several much needed management functions to the on-premise enterprise, although it can easily be used in a public cloud account as well. Docker Cloud, formerly Tutum, takes […]

Demystifying The Docker Container Tools Landscape

There is a lot of movement, excitement and energy around Docker and containers and a lot of eagerness to adopt this new paradigm at least in development and testing environments. So with all this excitement, and developer adoption, organizations are right to start looking at how they will manage their container chaos. Our goal is […]

Docker Acquires Tutum, Eyes Production Workloads

The Tutum platform features a workflow, backed by a fully integrated set of operational tooling, which enables development teams to move applications from build to production in minutes. More importantly, operations uses the same common framework as development to change, scale and manage distributed applications across any infrastructure on-premise or in the cloud. The following […]