Docker Doubles Down On Legacy Applications

When most people think of Docker, they think of microservices, 12 factor applications, cloud native architecture, and all things new. When Docker became a household name back in 2013, those were the architectures that they were targeting. Fast forward to DockerCon in 2016 and Docker, for the first time, stated that migrating legacy workloads was […]

DockerCon 2017 Roundup

Recently I attended DockerCon in Austin, Texas. Docker has been gaining an increased amount of interest in the enterprise for both building new greenfield applications and migrating legacy applications. Docker has become synonymous with microservices-based architectures, but enterprises are mired in legacy applications. In my experience, well over 90% of all workloads in enterprises are […]

What I Learned at DockerCon 2016

I just returned from two days in Seattle at DockerCon 2016. What I learned at DockerCon this year can be summed up in four categories: Container adoption is on the rise Docker is winning by making containers simpler Docker is forging a path to win enterprise workloads The battle for orchestration just became more interesting […]

What I Learned at DockerCon 2015

I attended DockerCon 2015 this week in San Francisco. I have been writing about Docker since the days when its name was still dotCloud and it first decided to pull its container technology out of its PaaS solution. I remember the first Docker meetup, which consisted of about five of us in the “jungle” of […]