Ensuring Safety on the Railroad

Challenges Railpod was in need of a cloud-based and highly scalable IoT solution that was capable of ingesting real-time and batched data to ensure safer railroad infrastructure across the global railroad market. RailPod drones increase the frequency and quality of day-to-day railroad track inspections. Through advanced sensing technologies and data as a service, RailPod enables […]

How Technology Is Disrupting The Construction Industry

There’s a lot of buzz these days about drones, 3D printing and robots. It’s easy to brush these technologies off as fads or luxuries until you understand some of the use cases that are being applied by integrating these emerging technologies. As each one matures, we are getting much closer to a world where structures […]

The Wild West of Drone Technology

Our guest on the podcast this week is Brad Young, Director of Marketing at Cloud Technology Partners. We discuss recent FAA regulation changes requiring all drones to be registered with the US government by February 2016. There are many changes ahead for recreational drone pilots, but also of note is that these regulations are now […]

Field of Drones: How UAVs are Reshaping Agriculture

Our guest on the podcast this week is Tom McKinnon, Founder and CTO of Agribotix. We discuss drones and their many applications in agriculture, especially around crop monitoring and production. Using near infrared cameras Agribotix turns drone imagery into actionable information enabling farmers to efficiently seed and fertilize fields. Listen in to learn how drones could revolutionize […]