Run, Don’t Walk, From China’s Big Brother Law

China’s National People’s Congress has drafted a second version of a controversial cybersecurity law. It would bring a great deal of censorship for both foreign and domestic citizens and businesses, whether they use the cloud or not. China is a wasteland for the modern internet. Websites like Facebook and Google are blocked. Moreover, web traffic […]

Uh-oh: The NSA Wants in on IoT

When asked whether the internet of things would be a boon for the NSA or merely a whole lot of digital noise to sift through, NSA deputy director Richard Ledgett replied, “Both.” Should we be worried? I can see the temptation IoT provides the NSA (and other governments’ spies). I mean, we voluntarily carry devices […]

Cloud Washing Goes Beyond the Oracle Lawsuit

“Cloud washing” is back. It’s the practice of inflating financial results for a company’s cloud business, usually by redefining existing services and products to fit the cloud umbrella. The SEC accused IBM of cloud washing its financial results several years ago. And some have criticized Microsoft for nebulous cloud financial reporting. Now Oracle is facing […]

Data Isolationism Will Hold Back the Cloud

Cloud providers and users are facing a real dilemma: The Safe Harbor agreement between the United States and European Union was struck down in October by EU courts, and a new agreement under review to replace it may not provide the ease of user-data transfer that U.S. companies seek — and it may not protect […]