Government Action Threatens Net Neutrality and Your Cloud Bill

The Trump administration served notice earlier this year that it intends to deregulate broadband internet service companies. In effect, they would jettison the Obama administration’s net neutrality rules. The net neutrality rules, approved by the Federal Communications Commission in 2015, aimed to preserve the open internet and ensure that it could not be divided into […]

Net Neutrality’s Impact on Your Privacy and the Cloud

After Congress repealed the FCC’s broadband privacy rules two weeks ago, new FCC chairman Ajit Pai promised that the personal information they give to their ISPs would continue to be, well, private. Indeed, Pai said that he planned to work with the Federal Trade Commission to police ISPs around privacy issues. However, many believe that […]

Run, Don’t Walk, From China’s Big Brother Law

China’s National People’s Congress has drafted a second version of a controversial cybersecurity law. It would bring a great deal of censorship for both foreign and domestic citizens and businesses, whether they use the cloud or not. China is a wasteland for the modern internet. Websites like Facebook and Google are blocked. Moreover, web traffic […]

Uh-oh: The NSA Wants in on IoT

When asked whether the internet of things would be a boon for the NSA or merely a whole lot of digital noise to sift through, NSA deputy director Richard Ledgett replied, “Both.” Should we be worried? I can see the temptation IoT provides the NSA (and other governments’ spies). I mean, we voluntarily carry devices […]