Healthcare Heroes: Care Amidst Chaos

Most healthcare institutions that are moving to the cloud are taking a cautious approach. They’re pursuing plans to do things like storing data more efficiently and launching new applications to improve patient care. But many are either holding back or setting methodical schedules due to ongoing concerns about compliance, security and privacy. The Canterbury District […]

Why Is the Healthcare Industry Abuzz About Blockchain?

Blockchain. A day doesn’t seem to go by without seeing articles and discussions about the technology. According to PwC executive Seamus Cushley, approximately $1.4B has been invested in blockchain just last year. In Gartner’s recent hype cycle for emerging technologies, blockchain is approaching the peak. It is considered by Gartner as one of the ‘Key […]

Containers Still Have Room to Grow

We discuss containerization orchestration technologies like Kubernetes, and the healthcare industry’s complex relationship with cloud computing. We look at the reasons to use Kubernetes as a containerization orchestration tool. Kubernetes represents about 80% of the orchestration tools that exist. The market position is known, skill-sets exist for it, it can scale, and it can provide a one-stop […]

Better Health Care Through the Cloud? Not Yet.

According to market researcher Technavio, the global health care cloud computing market will grow more than 21 percent from 2017 to 2021. That may sound impressive, but it’s actually the same growth rate as for all enterprises. The Technavio report essentially is lobbying the health care industry to jump into the cloud, so it can […]

The American Heart Association and AWS: A Strategic Partnership

The American Heart Association (AHA) announced a strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services: the launch of a cloud-based data marketplace for researchers and clinicians. The idea to target products for a vertical market is not new. What’s new is our ability to put meaningful data on public clouds that doctors and researchers can use to […]

Leveraging Data Integration to Spot Fraud

According to MedCityNews: “With fraud estimates as high as $272 billion annually across the healthcare industry, there’s always been good reason for payers to devote significant resources to better detecting and preventing fraud, waste, and abuse.” This means data, and data means the integration of data so we can abstract out indictors that are able […]