The American Heart Association and AWS: A Strategic Partnership

The American Heart Association (AHA) announced a strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services: the launch of a cloud-based data marketplace for researchers and clinicians. The idea to target products for a vertical market is not new. What’s new is our ability to put meaningful data on public clouds that doctors and researchers can use to […]

Leveraging Data Integration to Spot Fraud

According to MedCityNews: “With fraud estimates as high as $272 billion annually across the healthcare industry, there’s always been good reason for payers to devote significant resources to better detecting and preventing fraud, waste, and abuse.” This means data, and data means the integration of data so we can abstract out indictors that are able […]

Data Integration and Wearables

MedCity News published an article that covers “4 questions every healthcare provider should ask about fitness wearables.” When asking “What’s the cost of data integration?”, the article states that “Wearables and EHRs don’t share the same operating systems, thus requiring the building of expensive interfaces.” It’s true; fitness wearables, such as FitBits, Apple Watch, and […]

Data Integration and the Healthcare Industry

According to Health Data Management, “ ‘Despite the widespread adoption of electronic health records, the integration of healthcare data remains a critical challenge for the industry as it strives to achieve interoperability,’ said Karen DeSalvo, MD, National Coordinator for Health IT.” The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) chief pointed to […]

Building eCommerce Services Rapidly with Google Cloud Platform

Challenges Launch global services within 3 months Sell devices and supplies in many countries with localization requirements Sell digital goods Handle taxes, shipping and accounting in many countries and regions Keep upfront investment to a minimum. Scale business costs elastically. Enable integrated sales with channel partner systems Solutions Gathered functional and non-functional requirements from core […]

Developing an Integrated Product Suite on Public Cloud

Challenges Merging multiple developed and acquired products into an integrated product suite Providing a global user base with a consistent user experience – regardless of location Secure handling of proprietary and regulated health data Scaling the SaaS service to support thousands of customer instances Rapid evolution of the product suite to adapt to changing market […]