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The Cloud Checklist

Checklists play important roles in society, ensuring that the tasks that need to be done get done. They can provide helpful reminders – to do things like pick up the dry cleaning or schedule a dog grooming appointment. Or they can lay out the vital steps airline pilots need to take to safely operate a […]

Sequencing and Wave Planning for Large-Scale Application Migration

When an enterprise has a large portfolio of applications slated for migration to the public cloud, there is a need to identify the sequencing and scheduling aspects of the migration. In this article, we will describe a real-world planning exercise we undertook, highlighting the various elements essential to any planning and sequencing operation. The following […]

Security and DevOps: Aligning for Success in 3 Steps

Organizations carrying out digital transformation initiatives put significant emphasis on speed and efficiency – and with good reason. They want to get things done fast: create prototypes in days, deliver new versions in weeks and conduct revisions constantly, quickly, with the push of a button. They also want everything done correctly: completing and documenting all […]

Six Key Activities to Sustain Your Cloud Transformation Initiative

Move to the cloud or die is a common headline in today’s tech journals. Such an alarming statement is not far from the truth. Any long-term technology roadmap worth executive consideration must have a significant cloud component. Unfortunately, research finds most multi-year IT transformations dominated by the technology prospects. All too often, leaders neglect to […]

Agile Practices in Fixed-Price Contracts

In fixed-price contracts, the payment amount does not depend on the resources used or time expended. This type of contract is usually preferred by clients, since they think it puts all the risk on the vendor’s side. In reality, such a contract may involve issues for both client and vendor. Agile practices such as Scrum […]

Designing for Database High Availability and Replication in AWS

Migrating applications to the cloud is challenging, with many aspects that need to be considered. One of those is designing for a High Availability (HA)/Disaster Recovery (DR) solution that meets an application’s Recovery Time Objective (RTO)/Recovery Point Objective (RPO) requirements. There are multiple ways to approach the design, but the cost for DR varies depending […]