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Enterprise Data Lake Architecture: What to Consider When Designing

The Business Case of a Well Designed Data Lake Architecture Let’s start with the standard definition of a data lake: A data lake is a storage repository that holds a vast amount of raw data in its native format, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. The data structure and requirements are not defined until the […]

How to Pass Your AWS Audit

If you work for a company in a regulated industry, or just have internal controls that must be met, you’ve likely been accustomed to a regular cadence of data gathering, analysis, reporting and maybe even some last minute scrambling to get ready for the next audit cycle. That’s the status quo. What Happens When the […]

Edge Computing: What You Need to Know Before You Deploy

I explained edge computing back in May, and how it’s related to cloud computing. But I continue to get questions on the use of edge computing, especially on whether enterprises should begin to use edge computing anytime soon. To make that decision, there are three aspects of edge computing that you should consider: Edge computing […]

How to Move Into a Cloud Career from Traditional IT

There is a great deal of interest from those with traditional IT skills—such as enterprise architects, developers, and networking engineers—to steer themselves into a cloud computing career that will not only provide job protection but pay better as well. However, the path to cloud computing riches is not that clear for most. The good news: […]

How to Secure Your AWS Environment

The Landscape Cloud seems to be all the rage these days and everyone wants to be there. At the same time, there are still a significant number of enterprises that are either very concerned about security in the cloud or not fully aware of all of the capabilities that cloud vendors provide. Cloud security concerns […]

3 Tricks to Better Manage Your Public Cloud Services

Some people call them “cloud hacks,” which is perhaps more accurate than “cloud tricks,” but the enterprises I work with don’t like the term “hack.” Whatever you prefer to call them, here are three shortcuts you can create to achieve specific end states. Cloud Trick No. 1: Customize your Console Both Amazon Web Services and […]