Hybrid Cloud

State of the Hybrid Enterprise: What’s Next for Dev and Ops?

Just 10 years ago, IT’s main concerns were to keep the systems in the data center running, and deal with the two-year backlog of applications that needed to be built. Today, those concerns are pretty much the same. But IT now has an opportunity to leverage public and private clouds, which will help it approach […]

Is there still a business case for private cloud?

In 2013, we saw many CTP clients using OpenStack based tools for their private cloud initiatives. Fast forward to 2016 and public cloud is 3.5x the size of private cloud adoption, according to a Wikibon report. As more features and functions are released by the public cloud providers, enterprises are rightfully asking where the private […]

VMware + AWS Gives Customers the Best of Both Worlds

We discuss how the VMware-AWS deal came from listening directly to customers who wanted to leverage the public cloud while continuing to leverage the best private cloud they were already using. The partnership will allow customers more flexibility and agility in their cloud strategies. So, what’s in it for AWS? A level of intimacy with […]

The AWS-VMware Deal Will Bear Fruit… Eventually

VMware Cloud on AWS is the new cloud partnership that everyone is talking about. However, there’s a bigger question: What bets should enterprises place on this collaboration? The deal certainly has gotten a lot of hype. That’s because it puts together the single biggest name in the public cloud space with the most recognizable name […]

IT’s Secret Weapon: The Pragmatic Hybrid Cloud

Private clouds are not having the impact many people thought they would, though private clouds are a valid architecture and have value in some enterprise problem domains. However, public clouds are far more common in enterprise deployments. You see more hybrid clouds than private clouds, but not the hybrids that vendors are selling. Vendors often […]

Blockchain and What it Means for Cloud

We discuss Blockchain, the underlying technology that makes Bitcoin possible by allowing all transactions to be shared on a single ledger for increased transparency. Use of Blockchain means that transactions no longer need to include any trust-based organizations and leads to a more efficient transaction that can be processed immediately, a lower cost transaction because […]