Hybrid Cloud

3 Tips to Create a Starring Role for Public Cloud in Your Hybrid IT

Public cloud adoption by enterprises has been growing and accelerating at an impressive rate over the last three to four years. But the growth isn’t evenly distributed. Some geographies are much further ahead than others. Industries vary in their cloud adoption, too. If you’re in a media or tech business, there’s a good chance you’ve […]

Multi-Cloud vs Hybrid Cloud: What’s the Difference?

We discuss the difference between hybrid cloud and multi-cloud. Hybrid is anything that’s not just one cloud provider, which includes multi-cloud. Multi-cloud is a strategy where some workloads are running on one cloud, some on another. One trend we see is that big enterprises are splitting workloads more and more between at least two major […]

Change Management in the Second Decade of Modern Cloud

We discuss why hybrid cloud and change management are still important for companies in the second decade of modern cloud. With the exception of some startups born in the cloud, many enterprises never accepted the fact that the cloud would replace the data center. Organizations feel this is not an “or” discussion, it’s an “and” discussion. […]

Five Essentials for Managing Hybrid Cloud

If you use cloud computing, chances are good that you leverage some sort of hybrid cloud as part of your environment. Until recently, this usually meant pairing a private and public cloud, such as OpenStack and Amazon Web Services. Today, the term “hybrid” typically means legacy, or traditional, systems paired with one or more public […]