Is The Internet of Things Amassing on Your Radar?

We recently saw an unusual online post. It showed a standard weather radar map from WFRV-TV, a Wisconsin station. The image shows over Lake Win­nebago a large green area that normally denotes rain. But here the meteorolo­gists labeled the large green swatch: “Lake Flies!” Our first reaction was this clearly is a joke, but a […]

Maximizing Insight from Distributed Assets with Google Cloud

We’re simulating a distributed real-world production/industrial environment. Our clients run the gamut of virtually every industry and environment. While there are many different sensors and data types that we monitor, some directly, some through PLC’s, etc. That reality also means software that runs locally at the edge, as well software running in the cloud. While […]

Shining a Light on Industrial IoT and the Factory Floor

For many in today’s tech-driven world, OT, or Operations Technology, is a term that has rarely or perhaps never been heard. Most are well-acquainted with IT, or Information Technology, and many interact with IT teams, systems, and resources on a daily basis. What is OT, and why should I care? First of all, OT has […]

Digital Edge Strategy and Why Enterprises Should Care

We discuss digital edge computing and why it’s important for enterprises to embrace. Every new product today needs sensors to gather information and send it back to the manufacturer for feedback and safety information. This applies to everything from autonomous cars and fitness gear, to elevators and the military. The tricky part about these sensors is […]

Edge Computing and How it Transforms Enterprises

We discuss the many definitions floating around for what edge computing is. Some call it fog computing or MEC (mobile edge computing). It is simple. It’s the understanding that as wireless networks and person-to-person interaction shifts to machine-to-machine interaction, underlying architectures must change along with that shift. For things like IoT and distributed data, they […]