In a Multi-Cloud World, Customers Demand Alternatives

We discuss multi-cloud strategies and how this affects go-to-market and business strategies. THINKstrategies specializes in the integration of cloud computing with business. We are living in an on-demand world and customers want multiple alternatives at their disposal. Lucky for them, they now have many choices. There is SaaS competition, but even more prominent is the […]

Intelligent Mapping for the Connected Car

The Challenges Drivers have an expectation that mapping data is real-time and accounts for the latest in traffic patterns, accidents, and other obstacles. Build a foundation of live mapping data for the connected car. Ensure the cloud and analytics solution can scale and support inputs across millions of vehicles globally. The Solution Leveraged AWS public […]

AWS Launches Greengrass for Edge IoT Analytics and Event Processing

Today AWS announced the general availability of its new AWS Greengrass software. In essence, AWS Greengrass is an embedded version of AWS Lambda, a serverless code processing solution. Significantly, AWS Greengrass has been designed to be installed/embedded to run locally on highly specialized, low-cost IoT devices while enabling complex event processing and analytics that run […]

Accelerating IoT’s Impact through Emerging Technologies

The creation and proliferation of connected devices, systems and sensors continues to expand, resulting in a positive impact to human culture. The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to bring about fundamental change in how people live their lives. This is because nearly every industry is striving to improve the quality of their user experience through […]

Why the Enterprise Should Make IoT a Priority in 2017

The Internet of Things is enabling us to do things we have never been able to do before, and at a faster pace than ever before. But it is not obvious to all companies where they can derive business value from IoT. In order to identify how IoT can bring value to your organization, one […]