Enterprise Tech Trends to Watch in 2017

We discuss upcoming enterprise cloud trends for 2017. We look at how collaboration is advancing with platforms like Slack and determine whether this trend is here to stay. Deep learning is another important 2017 focus, especially because the economics have become favorable and analytics no longer cost as much. This means we can now create things […]

Moving to Autonomous and Self-Migrating Containers for Cloud Applications

Once you’ve ported an application to a cloud-based platform, including Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, and Microsoft, it’s tough, risky, and expensive to move that application from one cloud to another. This isn’t by design. The market moved so quickly that public and private cloud providers couldn’t build portability into their platform and still […]

The Container Orchestration Battle is Heating Up

If you’ve paid attention to the Docker blog over the past week, you may have noticed both the release of Docker Datacenter and Docker Cloud. The former brings several much needed management functions to the on-premise enterprise, although it can easily be used in a public cloud account as well. Docker Cloud, formerly Tutum, takes […]

The Container Round Up for February 2016

There is an enormous amount of activity going on in the container space these days. Rarely does a day go by without an announcement of new features and services that fills a much needed gap. In this article I summarize the state of the container industry and highlight some recent announcements from a few innovative […]

The Community Fixing Enterprise Containers

Our guest on the podcast this week is Joseph Jacks, VP of Technology Strategy at Kismatic. We discuss how Kubernetes has become a project beyond Google Cloud Platform, the rapid growth of the Kubernetes open-source community, and the rise of microservices-based application development. We learn about the core problems Kismatic has set out to solve […]