Machine Learning

Why the Cloud is the Best Vehicle for Innovation

We discuss best practices to leverage the cloud for innovative digital solutions. We look at Blockchain as a powerful new reality that helps reduce transaction costs for the financial industry on everything from mortgages, record-keeping, stock allocation, and even car records. Blockchain is disrupting the 15th century double-ledger accounting system still in use today, and […]

How to Approach Machine Learning in the Cloud

Artificial intelligence and its machine learning subset are all the rage these days. That was evident when I spoke this week at the AI World event, which was packed with vendors and users seeking to understand what the hell AI and machine learning are—and wanting to know how they could use this old but revitalized […]

Machine Learning and the Value of Knowledge

We discuss the future of machine learning. Almost anyone can access the power of machine learning today to build their own applications without needing to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Taking the complexity out of cloud management makes it accessible to the mainstream and easier to focus on minute improvements. The ultimate value of machine […]

Machine Learning Hits the Cloud — and More Businesses

“Computing that can think” has been an IT battle cry for the last 30 years, but the price of artificial intelligence has been out of reach for most enterprises. Enter the cloud — along with its cost efficiency — and perhaps a revised business case for thinking machines. Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft are […]

Building a Platform for Machine Learning and Analytics

Introduction Predictive analytics and supporting technologies like machine learning require access to diverse data sets and powerful, scalable compute resources. Modern capabilities, including predictive analytics and machine learning, enable organizations to leverage large amounts of data from social media, online journeys, the Internet of things (IoT) and other sources to enable data driven decisions across […]

Machine Learning in the Cloud: How it Can Help You Right Now

Machine learning, an approach and set of technologies that use AI concepts, is directly related to pattern recognition and computational learning. It’s an old concept, first defined in 1959 as giving computers the capacity to learn without reprogramming. Machine learning was once out of the reach of most enterprise budgets, but today, public cloud providers’ […]