Machine Learning

New Outdoor IoT Protocols Are Coming to Your Backyard. Literally.

72 degrees. 72 degrees. 72 degrees. 72 degrees. 96 degrees. 72 degrees. 72 degrees. 72 degrees…. This is what most IoT data looks like — the same information over and over and over again. What is useful here, and what is not? For those that follow our articles, you have long seen us discuss deriving […]

Now’s the Time to Do Deep Learning in the Cloud

The AWS re:Invent conference is coming up, and predictions are starting to fly around what Amazon Web Services will announce there. A sure bet is that it will announce some sort of deep learning cloud service. Of course, Google, Microsoft, and IBM won’t be far behind; indeed, both Microsoft and IBM have their own special […]

“A Robot Stole My Job!” The Unintended Consequences of Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning (a sub-category of AI) is the ability to process huge volumes of data and complete tasks more efficiently than a human. Moreover, ML actually learns. Once you set up a Machine Learning model, it can understand and store different outcomes based upon experiences or other input. AI Across Industries Let’s look at an […]

Dark Data and How Cognitive Computing Figures It Out

We discuss dark data and how IBM Watson can understand it for decision-making. Normally when people refer to data they think of structured data in rows of numbers. But in the last few years, the data has changed into images, videos, medical scans, sensor scans, audio and telematics. This dark data is unstructured, which makes […]