Shining a Light on Industrial IoT and the Factory Floor

For many in today’s tech-driven world, OT, or Operations Technology, is a term that has rarely or perhaps never been heard. Most are well-acquainted with IT, or Information Technology, and many interact with IT teams, systems, and resources on a daily basis. What is OT, and why should I care? First of all, OT has […]

Why the Enterprise Should Make IoT a Priority in 2017

The Internet of Things is enabling us to do things we have never been able to do before, and at a faster pace than ever before. But it is not obvious to all companies where they can derive business value from IoT. In order to identify how IoT can bring value to your organization, one […]

Ensuring Safety on the Railroad

Challenges Railpod was in need of a cloud-based and highly scalable IoT solution that was capable of ingesting real-time and batched data to ensure safer railroad infrastructure across the global railroad market. RailPod drones increase the frequency and quality of day-to-day railroad track inspections. Through advanced sensing technologies and data as a service, RailPod enables […]

Working on the Railroad on AWS

Challenges Multiple streams of data in various sources and formats from global locations Multiple downstream systems that need to access the data Brittle current systems to manage data flows Frequent streaming failures that were difficult to find and fix Solutions Creation of a new, centralized application for the purpose of gathering and normalizing data Global […]

Building eCommerce Services Rapidly with Google Cloud Platform

Challenges Launch global services within 3 months Sell devices and supplies in many countries with localization requirements Sell digital goods Handle taxes, shipping and accounting in many countries and regions Keep upfront investment to a minimum. Scale business costs elastically. Enable integrated sales with channel partner systems Solutions Gathered functional and non-functional requirements from core […]

Monitoring Device Manufacturing with Google

Challenges Factory floor test data is exponentially growing across all manufacturing locations Massive sensor data sets are outgrowing the conventional database’s ability for managing data history and complex ad-hoc queries Unable to handle large set of historical data with legacy architecture Performance issues (i.e. long-running queries) when executing complex queries against the previous platform (on […]