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Fake News Alert! Internet Breaches Are Not Cloud Breaches

Hacked accounts are in the news on practically a daily basis: Yahoo uncovered another massive cyberattack, with more than 1 billion user accounts compromised, making it the largest breach in history. The Democratic National Committee’s email was hacked, as was the Hillary Clinton campaign’s and the Republican National Committee’s. Let’s not forget about Home Depot, […]

Will 2017 Mark the Death of PaaS?

PaaS, or Platform-as-a-Service, is something that’s not used as much as initially predicted within enterprises. There are many reasons why. However, the core issues seem to be: Strong tools within IaaS providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure seem to be driving interest in those platforms. While they may have PaaS as […]

Three Reasons Why 2017 Will See Massive Cloud Migration

How many Global 2000 enterprise applications are on the public cloud right now? You’ll see estimates of 20 to 30 percent, but that overstates the reality. When all outsourced hosting is taken into account—which includes SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS—many analysts estimate that 20 to 30 percent of workloads are currently on the cloud. But a […]

Enterprise Tech Trends to Watch in 2017

We discuss upcoming enterprise cloud trends for 2017. We look at how collaboration is advancing with platforms like Slack and determine whether this trend is here to stay. Deep learning is another important 2017 focus, especially because the economics have become favorable and analytics no longer cost as much. This means we can now create things […]

Beware the Dumb and Dangerous Ideas Creeping into the Cloud

Remember the last technology bubble? It left many investors poorer, with enterprises and technology providers scratching their heads as to what went wrong. While the investors and entrepreneurs could simply move on to the next venture, many enterprises were stuck with dead technology that cost a great deal to replace. Lesson learned? Not really. Sixteen […]