Market Trends

On-Demand Data Centers Are the Wave of the Future

Most companies want either the rock-solid protection of a data center, or the versatile, on-demand flexibility promised by the cloud. But can you have both? There are ways to hedge your bets, of course, by adopting a hybrid IT approach – keeping a data center footprint for mission-critical workloads, and shifting other resources to the […]

Are Chatbots and Voice Assistants Superfluous?

There’s yet another cloud service from AWS: Amazon Lex, which lets developers build conversational interfaces into applications for voice and text. It uses the same deep learning technologies that power Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Lex lets you quickly build natural language conversational bots, aka chatbots. Microsoft has a similar technology, called the Microsoft Bot Framework. […]

Shining a Light on Industrial IoT and the Factory Floor

For many in today’s tech-driven world, OT, or Operations Technology, is a term that has rarely or perhaps never been heard. Most are well-acquainted with IT, or Information Technology, and many interact with IT teams, systems, and resources on a daily basis. What is OT, and why should I care? First of all, OT has […]

Moving to the Cloud? Don’t Make These 3 Big Mistakes

Most of the success with your cloud deployments comes from avoiding the errors that have cratered several cloud projects. I don’t want those of you reading this blog to repeat the same mistakes. Here are three common mistakes in cloud deployments that you can, and should, avoid making. Cloud mistake No. 1: Chasing the new […]