Microsoft Azure

The Pros and Cons of Serverless Computing

It’s called serverless computing, introduced with services such as AWS Lambda and now Microsoft’s Azure Functions. These systems manage the starting and stopping of machines for you. They’re not really serverless, but the servers aren’t yours to buy or maintain. You’re billed as an abstract measure of the resources you used, not for the runtime […]

Choosing the Right Cloud Ecosystem for your Enterprise

We discuss the VMware-AWS deal that has the potential to bring many more companies with private servers into the cloud. We look at how the strategy for AWS is not to lock-in customers to their platform alone, but to work with vendors like VMware to support customers implementing hybrid cloud strategies to further grow the Amazon customer […]

What Does Microsoft Look Like Without Windows?

We discuss transition from Red Hat being known for Linux to their current status as leaders in the cloud computing industry. We are emerging into a space now where efficiency is the objective. Reinventing technology is not as crucial as building highly elastic, highly scalable cloud environments to bring companies forward. We look at the […]

Building a Cloud Business Office and Minimum Viable Cloud on Azure

Challenges Organization restructure requires team to move entire suite of customer facing anti-virus software to Microsoft Azure Build a Cloud Business Office (CBO) and a Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC) with solid and secure infrastructure in order to prepare team for full scale migration and operation on public cloud within the next two years Central IT […]

High Performance Compute on AWS, Google & Azure

High Performance Compute or High Performance Computing (HPC) most generally refers to the practice of aggregating computing power in a way that delivers much higher performance than one could get out of a typical desktop computer or workstation in order to solve large problems in science, engineering or in business. Today we are at the […]

Application Migration and Cloud Operational Transformation for Multi-Cloud Environment

Challenges Drastically reduce IT operating costs Support Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) in a flexible environment Preserve jobs Solutions Determine business case and provide a detailed TCO / ROI analysis for moving to cloud Build a Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC) running on Azure to support organization’s EDW Refine MVC architecture with Architecture and InfoSec teams Establish […]