Microsoft Azure

Navigating the Azure Data Pipelines

In a recent Doppler article, “Big Data on Microsoft Azure: from Insights to Action”, we discussed how batch movement and real-time movement pipelines can be run independently or in tandem, giving an organization the ability to generate insights from multiple data paths. In this article, we discuss the steps involved and the opportunities to be […]

Big Data on Microsoft Azure: from Insights to Action

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” More than 100 years after it was written, this observation by fictional sleuth Sherlock Holmes still rings true. Businesses today rarely act – or even contemplate an action – without analyzing troves of data. They can make good use of data, in part, because […]

Azure Continues to Evolve for Its Customers. Are You Profiting?

CTP’s Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC) methodology is core to how we build production-grade public cloud environments with baseline security and automation. Keeping up with contemporary industry best practices and the latest cloud services from CSPs are key to delivering a successful cloud foundation. This article will review several recent announcements and enhancements from Microsoft, and […]

Five Steps to Better Security in Microsoft Azure

Data breaches are becoming a regular headline on the evening news, and no CISO in the world wants to have their company added to that growing list. Many organizations are still laboring under the mistaken idea that their internal data centers are more secure than those of the major public cloud providers. Gartner even ranked […]

Microsoft Azure Subscriptions and Migration Considerations

An Azure subscription is an agreement with Microsoft to use one or more Microsoft cloud platforms or services. Microsoft offers various subscription options for consuming cloud services, but the three primary options are: Pay-As You Go, Azure Enterprise Agreement (Azure EA) and Azure Cloud Service Provider (Azure CSP). In many instances after initial engagement, the […]

Managed Container Services vs. Bring Your Own Container Stack

2018 has been the year of mass adoption of container platforms, and the momentum will very much continue into 2019. With Kubernetes (K8s) being the clear winner of the “container orchestration war,” organizations (both providers and adopters) focused their efforts on productionizing and maturing their Kubernetes deployments. In this regard, 2018 has seen some significant […]