Microsoft Azure

Managed Container Services vs. Bring Your Own Container Stack

With 2017 seeing more than 40% of organizations either running production workloads in containers or piloting such efforts, it is safe to say 2018 and 2019 will be the years for mass adoption of container platforms. However, 2018 has brought an interesting option for container adoption within the enterprise — the release of managed container […]

The Maturation of Architects, Operations and Developers in the Cloud

Many roles, including architects, operations and developers, will fundamentally change as new capabilities become available, the market continues to speed ahead and business demands greater levels of operational efficiency. It is important that every member of these organizations take ownership for their own career growth and identify where their careers are headed. Ownership means understanding […]

Are Your Azure Environments Secure?

More and more enterprises are taking advantage of the competitive marketplace of public cloud providers. While AWS continues to be the leader, Microsoft Azure’s growth is exponential. What’s common to any public cloud initiative is the need to build a cloud security program that typically focuses on the following tasks: Recognizing the areas of information […]

Taming Azure with Cloud Agnostic DevOps Tools

Cloud DevOps tools and ecosystems have matured. We are at a tipping point, as we can now deploy multi-regional data centers with production-ready applications in a matter of hours. Over the past few months CTP has implemented such transformations in AWS, and we recently adopted the same strategy to deploy on Azure in a more […]