Minimum Viable Cloud

AWS for Enterprises — A Minimum Viable Cloud Approach

About six years ago when I talked with my senior manager at a prior company about the idea of using public cloud services to expand our technology infrastructure, he quickly expressed doubt about the value of the approach. There were several reasons for his reaction, which he revealed in the following questions: How secure is […]

A Pilot’s Perspective on Enterprise Cloud Adoption

“The key to a great landing is a stabilized approach” Two of my passionate interests are aviation and leading enterprises in their cloud adoption journeys. Interestingly, I have discovered that enterprise cloud adoption is analogous to piloting an airplane. Common elements such as detailed planning and crisp, clear communications, combined with flawless execution, are all […]

3 Common Blind Spots You Should Be Aware of For Your Next Azure Project

The adoption of Azure services is on the rise. The RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report reflects 14% growth in the number of companies that adopt Azure. At CTP we recognize that mass migration to Azure and other public cloud providers is a new normal for enterprises. We built our Azure practice and Minimal […]