Understand the Multi-Cloud Management Trade-Off

One of the trends I’ve been seeing for awhile is the use of multiple clouds or multi-cloud. This typically means having two or three public clouds in the mix that are leveraged at the same time. Sometimes you’re mixing private clouds and traditional systems as well. In some cases even applications and data span two […]

Walmart’s Threat to AWS: ‘Pick that Cloud, Lose Our Business’ – What To Do

Here’s a shocker: Wal-Mart is telling some technology companies that if they want Wal-Mart’s business, they can’t use Amazon Web Services. (Wal-Mart says it simply doesn’t want customers storing Wal-Mart’s sensitive info on AWS.) That’s a tall order for technology companies that may have invested millions in their tech running on AWS. However, if you […]

How to Keep Multicloud Complexity Under Control

“Multicloud” means that you use multiple public cloud providers, such as Google and Amazon Web Services, AWS and Microsoft, or all three—you get the idea. Although this seems to provide the best flexibility, there are trade-offs to consider. The drawbacks I see at enterprise clients relate to added complexity. Dealing with multiple cloud providers does […]

Adopting a Multi-Cloud Strategy

As organizations move beyond their initial cloud deployments and application migrations, many are looking to diversify into a multi-cloud strategy to enable teams to access specialized capabilities available from different providers. The shift to multi-cloud adoption for supporting IaaS and PaaS capabilities is a critical milestone that an organization must evaluate, plan for and ensure […]

Multi-Cloud Deployments in the Real World

Executive Summary Multiclouds are a variety of public and private clouds that come together to form a foundational cloud architecture to meet the exact needs and requirements of the business. However, multiclouds are also complex and require a great deal of understanding, in terms of interoperability, compatibility, security, governance, and management. So, how do you […]