The Facts on OpenStack and Cloud Brokers

We discuss OpenStack’s traction, successes, and obstacles as the cloud market continues to grow rapidly. We also look at how enterprises are shifting to an API-first mentality, with the need to tie together services across multiple providers into one heterogeneous experience. Last, we look at the new emergence of cloud brokers and whether they are […]

Smart Monitoring, Automation, and Open Source at Yahoo

Our guest on the podcast this week is Preeti Somal, VP of Engineering at Yahoo. We discuss the cloud challenges that come with supporting over a billion consumers per day at Yahoo. One way the Yahoo team simplifies this is through automation and smarter monitoring. Yahoo also leverages open source projects such as Hadoop and […]

OpenStack Wins Big with Google Partnership

Google is joining OpenStack as a corporate sponsor. Its objective is to make sure that Linux containers and associated container management function in the OpenStack environment. As you may recall, Google’s open source system called Kubernetes exists to manage contained applications on different platforms. By joining OpenStack, Google is expected to share its expertise on […]

The State of the OpenStack Movement

Our guest on the podcast this week is Randy Bias, VP of Technology at EMC. We discuss his recent ‘State of the Stack’ presentation. Highlighting the tension seen within the OpenStack community on the issue of re-writing code and reducing complexity for users. Listen in to see what the future holds for OpenStack.

Private Cloud: DIY or Managed Services?

Our guest on the podcast this week is Jesse Proudman, Founder and CTO of Blue Box. We discuss Walmart’s recent OpenStack success story and the expanding capabilities of DIY private clouds. While DIY private clouds require large investments in configuring open source software to meet business needs, they can have several advantages over managed services […]