Cloud Wars: Is 2017 the Year of the Cloud Land Grab?

Next month will mark the 155th anniversary of a piece of legislation that President John F. Kennedy once described as “the single greatest stimulus to national development ever enacted.” It was the Homestead Act of 1862. By 1862 the United States had grown from approximately 500 million acres of land to almost 2 billion (with […]

How to Plot Your Escape from Oracle

Recent news around the doubling of cost to run Oracle databases in the cloud has many enterprises searching for alternatives. The underlying database for many applications is a critical component that has had years of performance tuning, modeling and other optimizations to ensure rapid application response time. With this long-term investment, many organizations are hesitant […]

Oracle is Now Charging Double to Run on AWS

Guess what? Oracle is raising prices again, but this time it’s for those that choose to run Oracle software on AWS. Oracle’s previous licensing agreement recognized that AWS virtual CPUs were a single thread of a core that runs two threads. This means that each virtual CPU is counted as half a core. Oracle’s new […]

Oracle’s New Cloud Push Won’t Be Easy

Oracle executives last week revealed the results of years’ worth of work on its IaaS public cloud, including the announcement of a new bare-metal cloud database service and an international expansion. After lots of saber rattling from Oracle, it’s finally making a move to take on Amazon Web Services. Although that may sound more like […]

In the IaaS Gold Rush, Even Oracle Races into Tough Odds

Oracle is the latest enterprise vendor seeking to displace Amazon Web Services (and, to a lesser extent, Google and Microsoft) with its own IaaS offering. The success of AWS caught a lot of enterprises — and enterprise technology providers — off guard. It’s a long tradition for enterprise technology providers to run after the next […]

Cloud Washing Goes Beyond the Oracle Lawsuit

“Cloud washing” is back. It’s the practice of inflating financial results for a company’s cloud business, usually by redefining existing services and products to fit the cloud umbrella. The SEC accused IBM of cloud washing its financial results several years ago. And some have criticized Microsoft for nebulous cloud financial reporting. Now Oracle is facing […]