Predictive Maintenance

CloudHealth Technologies’ Journey from Ideation to Cloud Service Management Powerhouse

We discuss the founding story of CloudHealth Technologies and how the company went from ideation to early customers and funding. We also look at why successful entrepreneurs need to be willing to embrace contrary opinions. CloudHealth Technologies gives organizations a new, more efficient way to visualize, optimize and automate their cloud environments. Their platform integrates […]

Using Drones to Make Our Railroads Safer

The US railroad industry has one of the most sprawling and immensely critical pieces of infrastructure in North America. When failures or other issues occur, maintenance is highly manual and primarily reactive. When a failure is identified, a maintenance crew must be physically deployed to correct the problem. These maintenance corrections take time, causing delays […]

Why the Enterprise Should Make IoT a Priority in 2017

The Internet of Things is enabling us to do things we have never been able to do before, and at a faster pace than ever before. But it is not obvious to all companies where they can derive business value from IoT. In order to identify how IoT can bring value to your organization, one […]

Monitoring Device Manufacturing with Google

Challenges Factory floor test data is exponentially growing across all manufacturing locations Massive sensor data sets are outgrowing the conventional database’s ability for managing data history and complex ad-hoc queries Unable to handle large set of historical data with legacy architecture Performance issues (i.e. long-running queries) when executing complex queries against the previous platform (on […]