Private Cloud

Is there still a business case for private cloud?

In 2013, we saw many CTP clients using OpenStack based tools for their private cloud initiatives. Fast forward to 2016 and public cloud is 3.5x the size of private cloud adoption, according to a Wikibon report. As more features and functions are released by the public cloud providers, enterprises are rightfully asking where the private […]

Private Cloud: DIY or Managed Services?

Our guest on the podcast this week is Jesse Proudman, Founder and CTO of Blue Box. We discuss Walmart’s recent OpenStack success story and the expanding capabilities of DIY private clouds. While DIY private clouds require large investments in configuring open source software to meet business needs, they can have several advantages over managed services […]

Should You Avoid DIY Private Clouds?

Our guest on the podcast this week is Mark Thiele, EVP of Data Center Technology at Switch. We discuss the idea that private clouds are often equated with do-it-yourself and why that should be changed. You should make sure you are receiving the private environment you need at a cost that can support your business, […]