Security & Governance

Assume That You Have Already Been Breached

Breached. Compromised. Infiltrated. Exposed. These are four words no CISO wants to see in their inbox. Looked at another way, however, they can be immensely valuable. How, you ask? By accepting these four words as the status quo and by assuming at all times that you have been breached (whether or not that is actually […]

Protecting the Golden Keys to Your Cloud Kingdoms

The evolution of computing technology has dramatically increased the speed at which companies are able to innovate. Organizations that are slow to adopt this technology may soon be replaced by innovators who take advantage of all that is offered. For example, Blockbuster was thriving with its video rental stores across the U.S., yet its business […]

Untangling Data Entanglement

In the technology world, buzzwords and analogies flood the landscape. Analogies help us explain unfamiliar concepts in familiar terms, and when the analogy strikes a chord, it often launches a buzzword. This can be helpful in bridging the communications gap between technology and business. “Data gravity” is one of those buzzwords that now permeate our […]

Data Gravity and Its Impact on Data Protection Strategies

Data security was a straightforward process back when organizations stored all their data in on-premises IT environments. Organizations used the “lobster” security model – building hard-shelled exteriors to fend off threats at the perimeter — but they had fewer internal protections for the soft, delicious data inside. In a cloud-oriented world, data protection is much […]

Podcast: Shifting Security Left

As consultants, we work with organizations facing conflicts or blockers slowing down their cloud programs. Often times, these conflicts are the results of siloed groups not communicating at the right time, or place. We discuss the importance of breaking down these silos to gather organizational requirements early, and often. When we think about “shifting-left” in […]