Security & Governance

Fake News Alert! Internet Breaches Are Not Cloud Breaches

Hacked accounts are in the news on practically a daily basis: Yahoo uncovered another massive cyberattack, with more than 1 billion user accounts compromised, making it the largest breach in history. The Democratic National Committee’s email was hacked, as was the Hillary Clinton campaign’s and the Republican National Committee’s. Let’s not forget about Home Depot, […]

Continuous, Proactive Cloud Security is the Only Way

We discuss the shift from information security in the 1990’s to the cloud security of today. We look at how Dome9 protects company security at the network-level by being proactive and continuously monitoring and updating security practices to mirror the constantly changing cloud environment. Dome9 is a SaaS solution that helps security teams streamline their […]

Cloud Security is Now Easier Than Ever

We discuss the early years of cloud computing before it had a name and when it was often referred to as “elastic compute cloud” or “utility computing”. In this time there was a need for a universal cloud management platform, which resulted in Michael creating RightScale. RightScale started as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service model for AWS that provided […]

How to Stay Ahead of the Hackers: Proactive Cloud Security Learning

When we think of cloud security, most of us think of encryption, identity and access management, user IDs and passwords, and other mechanism that make the clouds more secure – certainly more secure than most on-premise systems. But would you be surprised to know there is a missing piece that makes the clouds even more […]

What to Do When Hackers Break into Your Cloud

There are two major types of public cloud computing attacks: single-tenant and cross-tenant. A cross-tenant attack is the stuff of IT nightmares, but it has not yet occurred. (In a cross-tenant attack, the hackers gain root-level access to the cloud and thus access to most or all of the tenants — including you.) Single-tenant breaches […]