Security & Governance

Quit Looking at the Shiny New Technology Object, Focus on the Practical

We discuss how companies often forget to focus on the basics and jump right into the latest industry trend. It’s not enough to know 90% of your network inventory when that could leave 200 servers vulnerable. Organizations must remember that it’s typically the details that cause you problems in the long run. We also dive […]

Go Big on Security: 5 Steps to Overcome Security Concerns in the Cloud

Here’s the reality: Public cloud providers have better security mechanisms in place and are more paranoid — and attentive — to security risks throughout their entire stack. Considering the paranoia around cloud computing and security, most public cloud-based systems have better thought-out security mechanisms than those in traditional data centers. Why Do Many Enterprises Still […]

Are Your Azure Environments Secure?

More and more enterprises are taking advantage of the competitive marketplace of public cloud providers. While AWS continues to be the leader, Microsoft Azure’s growth is exponential. What’s common to any public cloud initiative is the need to build a cloud security program that typically focuses on the following tasks: Recognizing the areas of information […]

3 Emerging Cloud Technologies for Enterprises

Enterprises are paying a lot more attention to the cloud these days—particularly to Amazon Web Services, which still leads the thinking in the public cloud. AWS’s re:Invent conference is next month, and I expect to see three new types of cloud offerings emerge that will be of strong interest to enterprise. Policy-based cloud resource governance […]

To Succeed with the Cloud, You Need Real Governance

Most enterprises don’t have a well-developed governance approach for the cloud, not even an idea of a technology solution. Enterprises are overwhelmed these days with other technology changes, including not just the move to cloud but devops, machine learning, and whatever other shiny objects pop up out of the market. I view governance as the […]