Security & Governance

The Serverless Cloud Security Model: A Point Of View

Introduction Over the course of a few years, enterprises have been exploring serverless technology for application development, system automation and a host of other use cases. After initial research and experimentation on smaller projects, companies are now realizing the viability of the serverless model for their core, business-critical workloads. Serverless technology is being adopted by […]

Governance Models in a New Cloud World

Governance Practices: “IT governance is a set of practices designed to ensure alignment between the business vision and IT strategy, which facilitates the oversight of these enterprise demands through consistent management, cohesive policies, guidance, processes and decision rights for a given area of responsibility. IT management is primarily concerned with the effective, stable and optimal […]

[Podcast] Data Sovereignty, Security and Performance Panacea: How Mastercard Is Setting the Standard for Global Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Cloud initiatives clearly do not come in “one size fits all” packages. They vary widely in focus and complexity, from basic migration projects to extreme cases involving the strictest security and performance requirements of a global financial services giant. Mastercard completed a complicated project that illustrates the challenges cloud implementations can pose and the benefits […]

Security and DevOps: Aligning for Success in 3 Steps

Organizations carrying out digital transformation initiatives put significant emphasis on speed and efficiency – and with good reason. They want to get things done fast: create prototypes in days, deliver new versions in weeks and conduct revisions constantly, quickly, with the push of a button. They also want everything done correctly: completing and documenting all […]

Quit Looking at the Shiny New Technology Object, Focus on the Practical

We discuss how companies often forget to focus on the basics and jump right into the latest industry trend. It’s not enough to know 90% of your network inventory when that could leave 200 servers vulnerable. Organizations must remember that it’s typically the details that cause you problems in the long run. We also dive […]

Go Big on Security: 5 Steps to Overcome Security Concerns in the Cloud

Here’s the reality: Public cloud providers have better security mechanisms in place and are more paranoid — and attentive — to security risks throughout their entire stack. Considering the paranoia around cloud computing and security, most public cloud-based systems have better thought-out security mechanisms than those in traditional data centers. Why Do Many Enterprises Still […]