Serverless Computing

Is Serverless Ready for the Enterprise?

Serverless computing, more accurately termed Functions as a Service (FaaS), is a very compelling format. Developers no longer need to be concerned with compute instances and can instead stay focused on the code logic. Most enterprise customers are only dipping their toes into the technology, just as they are with microservices and containers. The question […]

The Rise of Serverless Computing: Operational, Security & Financial Considerations

As organizations move beyond leveraging just basic compute and storage in the cloud, serverless computing is gaining more attention as a capability for facilitating rapid deployment of new applications without the overhead of managing traditional infrastructure. Serverless computing is being adopted for a wide variety of uses, from traditional systems management functions like managing backups, […]

Serverless Computing: Don’t Make the Wrong Choices

Serverless computing is all the rage right now and for several good reasons: It removes you from having to provision a server yourself; you simply write functions, and the resources you need are automatically allocated to that function. You pay only for the resources you use. No more leaving servers up and running, then getting […]

Serverless, The Enterprise and Making Simple Things Simpler

We discuss the foundational traits of serverless computing, including scaling and provisioning, cost precision, high availability and more. We also look at what Mike considers to be the main benefits of serverless, from costs based upon specific usage to faster time to market. Enterprises can now build entirely new products in hours or days because […]

Serverless Computing and Beyond

We discuss Austen’s early bet on serverless computing from the first time he saw AWS Lambda. Serverless, even in the early days, has many benefits. It is microservice-based, event-driven, requires no administration, and has a compelling “pay-per-execution” pricing model. Serverless was launched as an application framework. The problem with serverless computing today is that if […]

Watch Out for Serverless Computing’s Blind Spot

Serverless computing is an exciting aspect of public cloud computing: You no longer have to provision virtual servers in the cloud; that’s done automatically to meet the exact needs of your application. Although the value of serverless computing is not in dispute, it’s my job to find potential downsides in new technologies so that my […]