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The 2016 State of IoT Standards

The Internet of Things (IoT) has a bull’s-eye on its back, and it’s easy to see why: There are no central IoT standards today, and no real oversight over development on smart devices, which now number nearly 5 billion, according to Gartner estimates. Unfortunately, little has changed since last year in this regard. At issue […]

Building a Cloud Business Office and Minimum Viable Cloud on Azure

Challenges Organization restructure requires team to move entire suite of customer facing anti-virus software to Microsoft Azure Build a Cloud Business Office (CBO) and a Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC) with solid and secure infrastructure in order to prepare team for full scale migration and operation on public cloud within the next two years Central IT […]

Application Migration and Cloud Operational Transformation for Multi-Cloud Environment

Challenges Drastically reduce IT operating costs Support Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) in a flexible environment Preserve jobs Solutions Determine business case and provide a detailed TCO / ROI analysis for moving to cloud Build a Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC) running on Azure to support organization’s EDW Refine MVC architecture with Architecture and InfoSec teams Establish […]

Testing the Cloud’s Glass Backbone

When most people visualize the cloud, they see an ethereal, non-physical thing that connects their devices to vast amounts of computing power and nearly unlimited troves of data and information. For Andrew Blum, a writer for Wired and author of Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet, that illusion was shattered on the […]

Taking a DevOps Approach to Application Development and Deployment

Challenges The company initiated a large software development project, which involved developing a next-generation technology platform and associated applications Existing applications and architecture were based on first-generation cloud environment, infrastructure and development processes Needed technical expertise and leadership in the areas of DevOps application development and deployment methodologies Solutions Assist team with the expertise, methodologies […]

Consolidating Data Centers with AWS to Reduce Hardware Cost

Challenges Decentralized international IT operations Separate data centers operating autonomously without following corporate standards Spending large amounts of money on hardware costs Unsure about what what cloud provider would be best for their initiatives Solutions Eliminate UK managed services Absorb control of Italian data center assets Creation of an AWS environment to centralize international IT […]