“I thought the cloud was supposed to save me money?”

There are many reasons why companies look to move to the public cloud. Whether your company’s primary driver is an improved security posture, increased agility or cost savings, you will want to think carefully about the reasons behind your desire to move to the cloud. Unfortunately, there are still some misconceptions, particularly around costs, related […]

True Cloud Justification: Moving Beyond TCO Savings

Who is disrupting your market…your competitors or you? When small teams of aggressive entrepreneurs can compete with legacy, industry dominating companies, the whole paradigm of stability is turned upside down. When well established companies lose market share to new startups, gone are the classic metrics for technology success. Counterintuitively, when these companies find themselves in […]

The Importance of Considering Cost Avoidance in the Cloud

We recently worked with a client to conduct a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) analysis of moving their workloads from their two colocation facilities to AWS. The client had very high costs for the colocation facilities, which was the compelling catalyst for migrating to the cloud and consolidating current facilities. […]

Why Your TCO Model is Wrong in the Cloud

The consumers of the public cloud want to understand what the future costs of the cloud will be, and when they will reap the benefits of their migration. Whether inspired by the opportunity to exit a data center, separate from expensive licensors, or reduce overhead for application support, companies starting their cloud journey often look […]

The Cloud ROI Killers

Companies who are successful at implementing their cloud strategies can produce impressive returns on their investments. As we outlined in our Cloud Economics blog post, there are many ways to achieve a sound ROI in the cloud. To achieve these savings, a company must execute on its cloud strategy quickly and effectively. The longer it […]

Cloud Economics 2.0

Executive Summary In our previous cloud economics post, we explored the bigger picture of cloud economics, taking into account the value of agility and other soft costs that are often not considered in traditional CapEx vs. OpEx discussions. In this article, we uncover the best strategies for the financial monitoring of cloud services, which is […]