3 Key Factors Missing from Your Cloud Business Case

You want to justify some IT spending for cloud-based platforms. Your CEO or board has asked for a business case, and you’ve been scrambling to create one. Of course, you’ll include obvious items like capex versus opex. However, most business cases miss three important concepts: 1. The value of agility Yes, again. The problem with […]

The Enterprise Cloud’s Missing Piece: Autosizing

Have you moved into a public cloud lately? The first step is to choose the size of the machine instance from a standard machine configuration that has enough vCPUs and enough memory. Of course, cloud providers offer custom machine instances, so you can pick the exact right amount of vCPUs and memory. But whether it’s […]

Agility is King for Cloud Value, but ROI is Harder to Measure

A few years ago, we defined the value of cloud computing in terms of opex versus capex. These days, most people define the value of cloud around agility. Why the change? Because if you define the value of cloud as the ability to avoid buying hardware and software — the capex-versus-opex view — you can’t […]