Hybrid Cloud, Innovation, Protests: 11 Predictions for 2019

What is going to happen in 2019? This time of year, experts on every subject from cloud to cliff diving weigh in with their predictions for the year ahead. Some of these materialize, others come close but do not quite pan out. Then there is a third group that misses its mark by a mile. […]

Fear No Cloud: The Power of Your People

The phrase “Fear No Cloud” originated as a marketing campaign from our HPE peers across the pond. The purpose of this campaign was to generate market awareness for our global hybrid cloud services. However, the more we heard this term, the less it sounded like marketing speak and more like a brilliant way to depict […]

Podcast: Moving Towards a 201 Container Education

We discuss the rise of containers in the enterprise and the education, resources and enablement required to support the technology. We also look at the common challenges in container adoption, including the progression of learning, shadow IT, security requirements and scale. In order to adequately scale, an organization must understand first and foremost how container […]

The Maturation of Architects, Operations and Developers in the Cloud

Many roles, including architects, operations and developers, will fundamentally change as new capabilities become available, the market continues to speed ahead and business demands greater levels of operational efficiency. It is important that every member of these organizations take ownership for their own career growth and identify where their careers are headed. Ownership means understanding […]

The Essential Learning Resources for Cloud Developers and Admins

Finding the cloud computing resources you need should be easy on the web. Unfortunately, there’s so much noise out there that it’s difficult to find pearls of wisdom in an ocean of weak and inaccurate content. Or worse, you might start reading advertising masquerading as unbiased, authoritative material. It’s not until you get into it […]