Vendor Lock-In

Gaining a Transparent View for a Cloud-Right Strategy

When Cloud Technology Partners was founded in 2010, cloud was still relatively new to the market. We saw a few early adopters [think Capital One] that went all in on public cloud early, but the majority of our work was private cloud implementations or small proof of concept environments on AWS. Fast forward nine years […]

Is Vendor Lock-In Keeping You Up at Night?

If we take our cues from article headlines, vendor lock-in apparently is very bad and should definitely be avoided, especially when moving to the cloud. A simple Google search will return many articles with this message. After all, everyone knows vendor lock-in is bad, right? Let’s begin by making sure we are all using the […]

The Next 5 Years Will Have More Digital Innovation Than the Last 50

We discuss digital innovation and the disruptive business models that rely on it. Digital disruption comes up a lot today when thinking about the startups that challenge the way things have always been done. AirBnB and Uber are technology companies at their core, not transportation and hospitality companies. We look at AI and how it will affect […]

Choosing the Right Cloud Ecosystem for your Enterprise

We discuss the VMware-AWS deal that has the potential to bring many more companies with private servers into the cloud. We look at how the strategy for AWS is not to lock-in customers to their platform alone, but to work with vendors like VMware to support customers implementing hybrid cloud strategies to further grow the Amazon customer […]